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the moon is a poetry collection that illuminates the phases of the human experience in all its lightness and darkness. It is the first book in the nothern collection with 4 books coming out in 2020.

Written and illustrated by me, the moon guides readers through a journey that is both familiar and unknown. The poems tell stories of loss, love, grief, struggle, transformation, and most of all, hope.

Just as the moon orbits earth, the moon poetry book revolves around its reader, their resilience, their healing, and their growth. the moon will always be there when you need her most. All you have to do is turn the page.

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this is one of those poetry books that helps you understand your thoughts, visualize your dreams and embrace your shadows. I saw so many different versions of myself reflected back to me in every poem. The Moon is a beautiful beautiful book that inspires, heals, holds, and calms. love it so much.

This book is an absolute pleasure to read. Her poems are so relatable and thought provoking – my best friend and I read this book together in a day! Many of her lines are definitely tattoo worthy. I for sure cannot wait for more books like this!


The book is so emotional and touching but also very beautiful. It makes you think about your current situation. It helps you to deal better with a difficult situation. Therefore I highly recommend the book and look forward to further books by this lovely author. I love it <3

I have been following the author of this book on Instagram for a long time now. And I’ve always loved what they put out, the book is beautiful and easy to relate to. Can’t wait for new content to come in the future. xx

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