When I was around 10 or 12, I had a friend in my class that I would spend almost all my time with. She was one of the first people in my life to fully support my writing, to share my love of books and to read through all the crazy stuff I wrote at the time and give me feedback.

We also had a tradition of always bringing back souvenirs when we traveled. Upon a trip to the US, she brought me a book called “Love” full of quotes and sayings on all types of life. I remember thinking at the time that I didn’t know what to do with a book full of fragmented quotes. Ironic to think how poetry would later become my main genre and my savior in so many ways.

Anyways, I love this book for all the beautiful and sharp sayings it holds about love - and not just the romantic love, but love for things, for friends and for yourself. I have gathered ten of my absolute favorites from the book that I will be sharing with you here.

Perhaps some of them will resonate with where you are at right now - or perhaps you find one or two to share with those that you love.

Love poem by Aristoteles

It is that simple and that complex. What I love about this quote is how it describes that two people become in their shared self, in all that they love and are together.It is also quite fantastic to me that quotes written by philosophers more than 2000 years ago are still relevant and true.

Love poem by Antoine Saint-Exupéry

I think this quote speaks to me because it taps into what I myself am looking for. Someone to share life with, someone to travel and experience the world with. Someone to talk to about all the small and big things a human goes through.

In this process, there is so much to be gained and learned. Not just in terms of a romantic relationship, but in any close friendship or bond.

Love poem by D.H. Lawrence
This one resonates with me because it speaks of the unpredictability and the fragility of love. Not all loves are true and eternal, not all are there to stay.
But I personally think that there is some beauty in that too; that sometimes we meet people who are right for us in that exact moment to share something important with and then let go of again. Maybe it does not have to be the final love to be a good and memorable one.
Love poem by Friedrich Nietzsche

I think we are all looking for a love with some madness - in all the right ways. Love has a way of happening at the craziest of times, preying on wild coincidences and defying all odds. And I would like to think there are some reason to it, either in form of natural laws or in a divine way.

Whatever the outcome it, I like to believe things happen for a reason. Especially when it comes to love that often leave us with more questions than answers.

Love poem by Robin St. JohnUnfortunately, as you can probably tell from multiple of my pieces, I have been the victim of unrequited love many times. I used to feel like a cup overflowing with nowhere to pour all of my love and affection.
This piece helped me shift perspective; I think it is a lovely and quite satisfying thought that all love, returned or not, does good. That love, in whatever form, is never truly wasted or lost.
Love poem by t.e. kalem
On the same note, I love this piece for speaking into the heartbreak. It was actually a broken heart that first got me into writing poetry and sharing it online. There is this saying "what is bad for your heart is good for your art".
Though the hurting is never fun, it often brings out new and unexplored sides and changes in us - and if nothing else, that is worth celebrating.
Love poem by Honoré de Balzac
This quote resonates with me on so many levels for different reasons. I think especially the part where love has white hairs and it always young in the heart. I see so many people my age - in their early twenties - rushing to find someone to spend their life with, when we have only ever started our adult lives.
I also love the idea of love being eternal and indefinite, as something that stretches far beyond our own lifetimes.  
Poem by Mary Oliver
First of all, I adore the work of Mary Oliver. This piece partly calms me and partly scares me. I think this is the paradox of love: That the grief of losing what we lose is the price we must pay. I think life is one long exercise of learning how to let go; and perhaps we never truly do.
But what I love about this quote is how it makes me think of the fragility of everything and reminds me to make the most of each moment.
Love poem by Oscar Wilde

As someone who has been single all of her life, I have spent much time getting to know myself - and I would not trade it for the world. I have worked alone, I have lived alone and I have traveled alone. It gives me peace knowing that I will always have something to come back to, if and when I lose the person(s) I love.

I am my own woman and I am not looking for another half, but for someone to enjoy the journey with. As this quote so beautifully states, it all starts with us: and the love that comes from inside of us is determining for all else.

Love poem by Lucille Ball

Of course there are many other great sayings and love poems, but these are definitely some of my favorites.

Do you have any favorite love poems? Let me know below.

Written by Kamilla Tolnø

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