Find your
true north

Do you feel lost? Misunderstood or misplaced? In search of a place, where you feel free to be completely yourself?

Then the northern collection is written for you.

The Northern Collection is a four-part poetry-journey dedicated to exploring what the true north means to you. When you use a compass, the arrow pointing North will actually lead you to the magnetic north pole – a place that differs from the true North.

The true North lies where all the lines meet. Where earth meets with the divine. As humans we have our own true North’s hidden inside ourselves. And the only way to find it is to befriend your inner compass and follow your intuition.

The series consists of four books – the moon, the orchid, the ocean and the wolf – each created for a different part of your life. Each book will touch upon different themes, searching to bring you closer to your true purpose. Together, we will retrace the steps of the past, embrace ourselves in the present and co-create the future with honesty and truth.

We will draw our own maps as we travel them.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading, writing and traveling with me.

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the moon

the orchid

the ocean

the wolf