behind k.tolnoe

Her debut poetry collection was released in 2020 and “the moon” reached #1 bestseller in her category. The series has since then become complete with “the orchid”, “the ocean” and “the wolf”. The series is written for those struggling with finding their sense of self.

Kamilla’s artistic journey started with a broken heart followed by a depression and a sense of lostness. The northern collection is a testimonity of her path out of the pain through the arts of writing and illustrating. Her hope is to help others unfold into their fullest selves by healing the past and trusting in the power of the future.

Kamilla lives in a studio in Copenhagen and studies part-time on CBS. Besides from writing, she spends her time reading, doing yoga and drinking coffee with friends. She also enjoys traveling and exploring the world with her favorite destinations being California, Australia and Indonesia.